The Sasso di Dante crag is only one of the several crags you will encounter in the beautiful area of Mount AMIATA located close to the boundary of the provinces of Siena and Grosseto.
Other climbing areas nearby are: The Catarcione, Tepolini, Scalonaia and Mura del Terraio.
Ideal climbing spots for the hot Tuscan summer , offer basically short or almost zero approach time to the walls. The rock is quite unique and feature incredibly good friction.
Parking for SASSO DI DANTE is along the road on the opening marked in one of the pictures attached to this guide. Parking co-ordinates: 42°54'05.3"N 11°38'59.2"E (42.901476, 11.649785)
Located further up than the first crag called " The Catarcione" it features many nice routes in the region of 40.
This crag is higher with a nice surrounding, fresh and in the shade all day. An incredibly nice place!
You will find that the guys who bolted this crag were concerned with safety and place many bolts waist height to allow for protection of the belayer, given the inaccessible and sometimes dangerous areas.
The parking spot is located more or less half way of the several rocks forming the SASSO DI DANTE AREA . If you walk up the road 5 min on your left you will find the first routes indicated with the numbers 1 to 5 . From the parking spot walking downhill, you will find the last routes from 31 to 50. The routes names are:
1 – 5: Il Professionista, Pareva un 6A, Per Scaldarsi, Agata Guarda e Stupisci, Donna di Classe.
6 – 15: Il Funghetto, Forza Leo, L’incatenata, Meglio mi Sento, Cossì, Muschiata, Innominata, Che ne
sò, Vai con il Liscio.
16 – 30: Uanmrama Ronn, Acci Picchia, Innominata, Si Fà, Fessurina, Fresca Fresca, Punza, Tanza, Lapo,
Ramozzo, innominate, Salto nel Buio
31 – 51: Groviera, Ullalà, Balconcino, Tarzanello, Lo scansa Pipponi, Bencotto, Anonime, Iabadabadu,
Per Chiombo, Susanna tutta Panna, Albetrax II, Bomboloni, A son bello B son bello, Franco la Scarpa,
Franco la Fava, Anonime.


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