The crag hosts some nice lines on mostly good quality rock. The boulders are all situated by the sea side with som nice views off the ocean and the north side of Kullaberg peninsula. The walk in is easy accessible and takes around 10 minutes from tussans parking spot. The surrounding nature makes the walk a breeze and the overall visit worth while unregarded your effort on the rock. There are some lines in overhang and a roof line close to the ground which appeal climbers in the higher grades. The boulders offers mostly climbs in the easier to medium hard grades which put both finger strength, techniques and endurance to the test. One of the harder test pieces is Lilla molntuss where precise good feet placement is a factor.


The crag is still being projected for new lines. First ascents were made during 2020 and more lines are being developed. The harder lines are on somewhat more weather sensitive rock and best time to visit is during spring late summer and autumn with at least some days of good weather without rain.

Sankt Arilds

The area is access sensitive!

Closest parking is Tussans badplats, hike the trail that leads to the Forest towards the peak of Kullaberg. Hike about 600 meters to Arilds källa then follow the right path along the coastline 100 meters. Take the old stairs down to the crag by the sea. About 10 min. walk from the parking spot. During summertime there are a lot of tourists in the area. The area is part of Kullaberg Nature reserve so please follow the same guidelines as for the reserve in general.