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13 trad 96 boulder

We like Sandsjöbacka / Lillesjön

Ola Lindberg • over 4 years ago
Lillesjö is in the Sandsjöbacka nature reserv. It's located on the side towards road #158. The other area named Sandsjö is on the other side of the reserv (towards road E20). There are more areas inside the nature reserv (Årekärr for example). To find Plan 4 you walk around 300 m from the parking. Then you take a small path up left over the hill. It takes 5-10 min wo walk. It is possible to go to Lillesjö by bus (to Maleviksvägen) and walk 20 min to the car park.
Fredrik Niva • about 5 years ago
imponerade inte på mig
Oskar Lundberg • over 3 years ago
Vacker natur, höga stenar och läbbiga utsteg :)

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