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We like Pyhäntä

Jani Lehtola • over 8 years ago
A big block with only a few beautiful but hard lines of good quality and a couple of open projects. Location of block now corrected to right position.
Nikita Yarko • over 3 years ago
Yesterday we came to GPS point provided here but found nothing, 4 hours of walking in the wood have given no result. We've seen shed nearby the parking point and farm area with a red house across the road, new red roadway gate on the earth road was deeper , than some agrimotor on the little area among the trees. We've thoroughly checked all forest area from both sides. After this we just gave it up and have gone to Luohua and found Lissu crag without any issues. Guys who climbed at Pyps could you please explain more minutely how to find it? Thanks.
Paavo Ikonen • about 8 years ago
World class! Shame that the block is in the middle of...

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