The northern sectors are facing south and are perfect for sunny winter days. All southern sectors on the opposite river side are perfect for all other seasons when it's getting warmer.

A lot of the southern crags stay wet for quite a long time especially in spring. Best chances to get dry rock are the long exposed sectors like "Trautner Gedenkwand" and "Bleisteinwand". On the other hand the northern sectors dry very fast particularly "Adamsfels" and "Glawewand".

In this valley you might find all kind of climbing style you are looking for from grade 6b and higher. "Trautner Gedenkwand" is outstanding for it's long endurance routes as well as "Pottensteiner Wand". Some steeper power endurance climbs are predominantly at "Trierer Wand" and "Riedl Gedenkwand".
Really special are the routes at "Glawewand". This is the only sector where you get vertical routes in the upper 8b range.
The classic routes at "Bleisteinwand" used to be scary and dangerous once upon a time. Thanks to reboltin actions by Manuel and Moritz Welt and Johannes Seitz, all the routes can be climbed now without pooping your pants. Furthermore a lot of new routes has been developed here.

The more you get into the valley the longer the access. Beside that the only kids-suitable sectors are "Trautner Gedenkwand", "Bleisteinwand" and "Soul Kitchen".

Accommodation you'll find directly in "Pottenstein", next camping is "Camping Bärenschlucht" or "Camping Fränkische Schweiz" further down the river towards "Behringersmühle".
Furthermore there are several cafés, taverns and supermarkets in Pottenstein.

At Pottenstein you'll find any sort of activity for resting days, like the famous natural swimming pool, a summer toboggan run, many caves and much more.

💎 Goodies

- Zeitreise
- Condor
- non Stop
- GoGo
- Bis zum bitteren Ende
- Schwach und Sinn
- Alex

- Black Peark
- Dolldy Bastler
- Big Wall
- Zapotex
- Strandcafé
- Mindwarp
- Libellenretter
- Mikrowelle
- Rauhfaser

- Showdown

Püttlachtal - Pottenstein

Climbing has been limited!

Following Sectors are closed due to bird breeding on specified times:
- Pottensteiner Wand 15th March - 31th May
- Dohlenloch 1st of October - 31st of March
- Trautner Gedenkwand 1st of Feb - 30th of June

Due to wild life please leave the forests one hour before sunset.

This crag is located along the Püttlach-Valley eastward of "Pottenstein". Go to "Pottenstein" which is signed already from the motor way and follow the signs towards "Bayreuth". In town there's a street opposite of a supermarket (NORMA) which leads to the signposted "Waldcafé". Take that road and leave your car at the parking to your right after 170 meters.

All sectors are located on both sides of the river.

Pottensteiner Wand:
Cross the bridge and turn right after 50 meters. Go ahead for a few meters, the wall is to your left.

Soul Kitchen:
Cross the bridge and turn left onto the street (Lohrgässchen). After 30 meters keep right beside the two houses and pass the fire wood stacks. After about 300 meters the sector is visible to your right.

Trautner Gedenkwand & Waldcafé:
Continue following the street towards the café (Waldcafé). Cross the river immediately befor the café. After 80 meters turn hard left onto a Hiking trail up the hill. Further 80 meters ahead look for a foot path straight up the hill to your right leading to "Trautner Gedenkwand".
About 80 meters before you reach "Trautner Ged.Wand" take a trail leftwards leading along the hillside to get to sector "Waldcafé".

Streichelzoo & Riedl Gedenkwand:
Continue following the street towards the café (Waldcafé). Cross the river immediately befor the café. After 80 meters turn hard left onto a Hiking trail up the hill and stay on the trail with the green dot sign. After 410 meters turn right onto a forest road and follow that road for about 80 meters. "Streichelzoo" is to your left. To get to "Riedl Gedenkwand" go ahead the hiking trail with the green dot sign for further 90 meters. The sector is to your right accessible by a small path.

Trierer Wand:
Continue following the street towards the café (Waldcafé). Cross the river via the bridge 420 meters after you've passed the Café. Turn left and take the right hiking trail up the hill soon. Go ahead and turn left onto the forest road after 200 meters. Follow that road until you reach a knoll after further 200 meters. The Sector is to your right, take a footpath.

Go to "Trierer Wand", pass the sector and go ahead the forest road for 280 meters. You can spot the tower from the road.

For the next Sectors follow the road eastwards towards the café:

"Adamsfels" is to your left after 930 meters above a bench.
"Predigstuhl" is to your left after 1.35 km, take a small foot path for 70 meters.
"Glawewand" is to your left after 1.55 km, take a footpath for 100 meters.
To get to "Bleisteinwand" cross the river after 2 km and take a foot path straight up the hill leading to the wall after further 120 meters.