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Placche di Baone

The area is access sensitive!

Note: the road to Baone car park is quite bumpy and has some narrow passages, so if you have large cars it is reccommended to park in Chiarano village.

coming from Arco head to the Arco hospital, then go over the SPA hotel "Casa di cura Eremo" and turn right. Drive straight through the houses of Chiarano and just after a stone arch there is a car park (for larger cars). Now take "Via al Monte" on the left of the fountain, then take the left street on the first crossroad, following the brown signals "Padaro S. Giovanni". You will get into the olive grove of Chiarano. In the next crossroad it is possible to turn right or get the straight ahead uphill road. If you go right keep following the road for 250m then turn left, otherwise go upside the bumpy road and take the first right turn. Placche di Baone sectors will be visible from there and the car park is just below the crag.

from the Baone car park the crags are clearly visible and one minute on foot is enough to reach the first routes.

Sector Ondulina is partially closed since in the Summer of 2021 there was a important rock sliding. Routes from "Equilibri precari" to "Figoviz" are unavailable