Pieskeri is a beautiful and tranquil island with a stunning atmosphere. It's a perfect place for climbing and chilling the whole weekend.

For all the First Ascentionists: Topo suggestions with silly eliminations and unnecessary variations will not be appproved. Keep it simple and natural please!


Educate yourself by getting familiar with Kustavi's unique 5-step trad protection grading system, invented by the original topo collection team:

* Teddy bear (pro1): You can get bomb-proof gear wherever you want, the whole route is easily protected.

* Alpine ibex (pro2): Not as obvious as Teddy bear. You have to spot the good places for protection. You may even need some micro-size gear.

* Monkey (pro3): Something suspicious. There may be some bad placements, big runouts or limited visibility to the crack to complicate putting the placements.

* Lizard (pro4): Needs true boldness. Crux moves on the most suspicious placements, route-length lead falls, critical runouts.

* Spider (pro5): Regardless having the most accurate and innovative protection gear in your rack, there is obivous risk of injury. The best protection for a pro5/spider graded route is a full commitment to a successful ascent.


Pieskeri was originally found by Perttu Ollila and Pauli Salminen in 2003 but was then forgotten for many years, the guys being busy putting up routes on other new crags in Kustavi. After couple of years, Pieskeri was finally developed during years 2011-2012, new routes getting first ascents mostly by Perttu Ollila, Pauli Salminen and Ilmari Vauras.

More about Pieskeri: (starting from page 18)