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RESPECT for the nature and people is the mentality that you need to obey when climbing in Inari. We would like to keep our nature clean and untouched. There is NO ROOM for trash or for any other idiotic actions. Inari is a place of peace and quiet, so BEHAVE when climbing. Discretion is the word, especially when there are houses or people nearby.

Don’t leave any traces behind and If you happen to find trash from the forest, be an adult and bring them to the town for recycling. By following these simple rules, we can continue drinking water straight from the lakes and rivers.

Everyman’s rights allow people to:
• move about on foot, ski and bicycle in nature, such as in forests, natural meadows and water bodies,
• ride horses,
• stay in and temporarily stay overnight in areas where movement is also permitted,
• pick wild berries, mushrooms and unprotected plants,
• angle and ice fish, and
• boat, swim and wash themselves in waters and move about on ice.

Everyman’s rights do not allow people to:

• disturb the use of land by the landowner,
• move about in yards, cultivated areas or cultivated fields,
• cut down or harm growing trees,
• take dry or fallen wood,
• take moss or lichen,
• light an open fire on another’s land,
• disturb domestic premises, for example, by camping too close to dwellings or making noise,
• drop litter in the environment,
• drive a motorised vehicle off-road,
• disturb or damage birds’ nests or chicks,
• disturb animals, or hunt or fish without the appropriate permits.

More info about the law:


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email