No special access issues

Remember that the forest is shared with hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners etc. Be polite and considerate, clean up after yourself, and brush off tick marks before you leave.

Search for "Østmarksetra" for where the approach begins.

🚗 Driving 🚗
Free parking available at Østmarksetra. For accurate driving instructions (most efficient route will vary on traffic situation), set destination to Østmarksetra Restaurant (Østmarkveien 140, 0687 Oslo). Coordinates are (59.889492, 10.861785). The drive takes about 15-20 minutes with normal traffic from central areas of Oslo

🚌 Public transport 🚇
🚇 Metro/T-bane: Line 3-Mortensrud (Eastbound) to Ulsrud station. At Ulsrud station, get across the rail tracks and follow the walk/bike road eastwards towards General Ruges vei. Cross at the light and and head left, following General Ruges vei northwards. Take a right and follow Sarabråtveien up until it meets Østmarkveien. Follow Østmarkveien towards the forest (eastwards) until you get to Østmarksetra, which is the approach start. The total trip takes about 35-40 minutes from central Oslo, where 15-20 minutes are walking. Refer to map here on 27crags for gpx track.
🚌 Bus: Bus 76-Mortensrud T to Østmarksetra stop. Follow Østmarkveien up the hill (east/southwards) from roundabout until your reach Østmarkseteren, which is the approach start

🚶‍♀️ Approach 🚶‍♂️
From Østmarksetra, follow the main graveled road eastwards along the north side of the lake. The road that continues north will be your main access point for most of the boulders, but you'll have to take the various hiking paths into the woods to access them. Most of the paths should be visible in the mobile app map.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email