Navnløs thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Small rock
Navnløs 2 thumbnail
Navnløs 2
6A Boulder at Small rock
Stå-starten thumbnail
1 thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Træveggen
Warm up in the cave thumbnail
2 thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Træveggen
2. SS thumbnail
2. SS
6A+ Boulder at Træveggen
3. SS thumbnail
3. SS
5 Boulder at Træveggen
Damn! thumbnail
7A Boulder at Outside of the cave
Left wing thumbnail
Left wing
6A Boulder at The small roof
Right wing thumbnail
Right wing
? Boulder at The small roof
Navnløs sprekk thumbnail
Edge thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Small rock
Catchen thumbnail
6C Boulder at Small rock
Navnløs thumbnail
6A Boulder at Ved stien
Navnløs 2 thumbnail
Navnløs 2
5+ Boulder at Ved stien
The view thumbnail
The view
7A Boulder at The view
The sierpinski triangle thumbnail
The two army problem thumbnail
Smyger thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at The view
Full pakke thumbnail
Sprøstekt bacon thumbnail
Karantene crew thumbnail
Side chick thumbnail
Side chick
6B+ Boulder at Kjerkeglovblokken
Sniker thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at The view
Middleman thumbnail
Slip` N Slide thumbnail
Slip` N Slide
6C+ Boulder at Slip` N Slide
Slippery slope thumbnail
Press da! thumbnail
Press da!
? Boulder at Slip` N Slide
Intoxication of power  thumbnail
Reiselysten thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Truberg
Why not thumbnail
Why not
6B+ Boulder at Truberg
Go high or go home thumbnail
Go high or go home
7A Boulder at Truberg
Blodpump a la Vestfold thumbnail
Damn Daniel  thumbnail
Apespendet thumbnail
Rocket man thumbnail
Mantel man thumbnail
Sommer bris thumbnail
Sommer bris
5+ Boulder at Sommer bris
Sommer fis thumbnail
Sommer fis
6A Boulder at Sommer bris
Sunrise sleeper thumbnail
Sunset hunter thumbnail
Sunset hunter
6B+ Boulder at Sunset hunters
Proj thumbnail
? Boulder at Outside of the cave
Dos Leños thumbnail
Dos Leños
6C Boulder at Dos Leños
Erling thumbnail
6B Boulder at Bernt og Erling
Bernt thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Bernt og Erling
Dovendyret  thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Brun bøtte
The Wire thumbnail
The Wire
6B Boulder at The Wire
Juicebox thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Juicebox
Matchbox thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Juicebox
Skinnende mulighet  thumbnail
2 years later  thumbnail
2 years later
6C Boulder at Crack
War is peace  thumbnail
War is peace
6C+ Boulder at 1984
Freedom is slavery  thumbnail
Freedom is slavery
6A+ Boulder at 1984
2+2=5 thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at 2+2=5
There are no heros in the face of pain thumbnail
Persistent lunacy  thumbnail
Sanity is not statistical  thumbnail
Double think  thumbnail
Double think
6A+ Boulder at Truberg
The minestry of truth  thumbnail
The minestry of love  thumbnail
The minestry of love
6A+ Boulder at 1984
Keisersnitt thumbnail
Double speak thumbnail
Double speak
5 Boulder at Truberg
Dude thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Ovenfor stranda
Åpent prosjekt  thumbnail
Running start if you have balls thumbnail
Mulig fingersprekk?? Åpent prosjekt  thumbnail
Big Brother is watching you thumbnail
Bonnie thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Outside of the cave
Clyde thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Outside of the cave
Jentefingere thumbnail
5 Boulder at Truberg
Brainstorm thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Brainstorm
Los Hermanos thumbnail
Los Hermanos
6A Boulder at Brun bøtte
Milkshake  thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Brun bøtte
Spicy Chicken thumbnail
Spicy Chicken
6C Boulder at Brun bøtte
Cocorots thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Brun bøtte
Hands off thumbnail
Hands off
5 Boulder at Brun bøtte
Koala thumbnail
6B Boulder at Brun bøtte
1 thumbnail
6A Boulder at Supersprekken
2 thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Supersprekken
CORAC thumbnail
6C Boulder at Chimera boulders
We have to go  thumbnail
? thumbnail
3 Boulder at Chimera boulders
Ready or not  thumbnail
Here I come thumbnail
Here I come
6C+ Boulder at Chimera boulders
Caveman thumbnail
4 Boulder at Chimera boulders
Open problem thumbnail
Open project thumbnail
Open project
Boulder at Toro

The area is access sensitive!

Please respect the private areas, do not jump fences, and do not play music when being closer to the villas or cabins on the south west side of Østerøya. We have during the last years had a couple of talks with persons using the properties, and to have a good relation to them and to be able to continue climbing close to the cabins we ask all climbers to show respect.

Please show consideration to the other users of the area, leave no traces, remove tickmarks, and don't play music at the crag. Enjoy!