The area is diverse, with two distinct main areas, Fornborgen and Toftasjön.
There is also a couple of nice problems close to the main parking, at the sector skjutbanan.

Fornborgen has a big concentration of high vertical boulders, but also house a beginner friendly toprope-wall (bring lots of static rope for anchors.).

Toftasjön is the slabclimbers paradise, with high and sensitive climbing, while the slabs are pretty diverse in style, there is still a couple of more vertical gems to ad a change of pace.


The area has seen alot of trafic long before climbers discovered it, the sector called fornborgen are situated on and around an old stoneagefort, and have a couple of popular hiking trails. The area around toftasjön has for the longest time been a popular spot for boat enthusiasts to go ashore to barbecue and hang out. (still is during summers)

In more recent history, climbers have been coming to notteryd to boulder for the better part of two decades, but the area realy started to grow around 2015, when the sectors around toftasjön got discovered. This also increased the interest for the old area around fornborgen, wich resulted in a large amount of new problems around that area as well.


The area is access sensitive!

Most of the area is part of a natures reserve, and is therefore sensitive when it comes to clearing new routes, if possible, only clear the necessary grips.

Only the northern collection of boulders is outside of the reserve, the sector named Klintarna (to acces this area you need to pass a locked gate, call 073 03 42 493 for the code.