Winter is coming and you are waiting for nothing more than climbing in the sun? This topo shows one of the best winter crags of Arco, which is also one of the biggest crag in the area of Rovereto, Noriglio!
The crag counts 68 routes that serve good the climbers that are comfortable with the sixth and 7a grades. Crimpers and small pockets rule on the long and vertical walls of Noriglio, except for sector Grotta, having a nice cave with more demanding lines on interesting small tufas.
The crag base is good and the approach is easy. Since the crag is quite old, you may find aged equipment on some routes, but nothing particularly dangerous. Other lines have been re-bolted.
Some central sectors were dismantled few years ago and cannot be accessed, as they are located on private fields.

The completely South exposure of Noriglio turns the crag into a natural oven during Summer. We highly recommend you to come during Winter or cold days of the mid-seasons to better appreciate its beautiful lines. From the top of the walls you will enjoy a nice landscape over Rovereto. Moreover, Noriglio is very close to Folgaria, known winter skiing destination, so there is an easy and good alternative activity to recover the skin of your fingers.


Noriglio is an historic crag that years ago boasted over 120 routes. Unfortunately, some of the central sectors have recently been closed due to the fact that they were on private fields. We hope that the municipality of Rovereto can do something to allow the climb on these beautiful walls again.
The crag was developed thanks to the effort of many local climbers: M. Fait, G. Gerola, A. Masera, D. Cabas, S. Martini, A. Bescapè, S. Matassoni, G. Silvestri, G. Scrinzi and many others.