🌍 Nordskot is a small town by the ocean i Steigen municipality north of Bodø. Just on the west edge of town is a rocky outcrop/hill called Morøya. Here you'll find both bouldering, sport and trad climbing. The boulders are scattered around the base of the cliffs and those on the east side are easily seen from the road. The main collection of developed boulders are situated in a horse shoe "canyon" in the centre of Morøya reached by a gravel road from the south-east corner. There are many more boulders and cliffs around Nordskot of which only little has been developed.

🧗‍♀️⛰ The rock quality is very good and featured comparable to what you find in Lofoten. The landings are generally good and you get a long way with just one pad but an extra one will come in handy at times.

🤸‍♀️ There a plenty of other activites to do on rest days around Nordskot. Traversing the Nordskot ridge is a fine days outing that only requires a small abseil. Ocean kayaking and fishing and boat trips are also to be found. Visiting the webpage for Nordskot Brygge ( is a good place to start.

👶 The area is farily child friendly as you will find even ground around many boulders but you can't bring a stroller in.

🛏 it is possible to find room for a few tents by the upper parking. Otherwise there is an open shelter and camp site by the sea if you follow a gravel road north east of town and walk in for a bit.


There have been climbing activities at Morøya for some years but the known bouldering wasn't developed until 2019. Rasmus Bølling from Bodø had seen possible potential for bouldering there on aerial photos and got confirmation from another Bodø local, André Wagelid that it could be well worth to visit with some crashpads. Jim Berger and his wife was on a boat trip in the area that summer and Rasmus got a text message from him asking if he knew of any bouldering in Steigen. And so Jim ended up spending a few days in Nordskot putting up the first known lines. Later that year Rasmus and a crew from Bodø made a trip to the crag and put up many more. A few more boulders have been developed by a handfull of passers by since.