No special access issues

To prevent access issues please:
• Follow "Allemansrätten". Be very careful to not hurt tree plants or other sensitive vegetation.
• Drive carefully and park where you don't block access for other vehicles.
• Do not litter.
• Keep a low profile.
• Remove tick marks and excessive chalk from holds.
• Be observant of any hunting in the area. If there is hunting going on then do not climb. Avoid the area during the first weeks of elk hunting season which starts the first Monday of October.

Nävraverke is located 22 km south west of Kalmar. It's a 16 minutes drive. From Kalmar take E22 south towards Malmö/Karlskrona and after 11km exit towards Påryd/Tvärskog. Take the third exit in the roundabout towards Påryd and follow Allemansvägen 10 km to Nävraverke. Do not turn left to Nävraverke, instead take the small forest road to the right. After 250 meters there is a small pocket on the left side to park where you do not block any other vehicles.

The boulders are 50 meters from the parking spot (to the west, same side of the road as the parking).


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email