Routes on Nam Phong Bouldering, Khon Kaen Thailand

45 boulder

We like Nam Phong Bouldering, Khon Kaen Thailand

This bouldering area has 12 major sections, the Upper section, the Bamboo forest, the Meadow, The Eucalyptus east and west, Campsite, Ridge, Forgotten land, Temple tower, the Garden View, Children play, the Water front and the Wonderland. Each area has some tall and mid size boulders with great problems on it, from V to V8 and possibly harder but un finished routes. To reach this area you'll have to fly to Khon Kaen from Bangkok and contact the local climbers to take you there through Khon Kaen Bouldering Facebook or you can rent a car and just drive to the boulders, soon will have the first Ebook of this area.
Amazing places, great boulder problems and great people. Get in touch with the guys there for more information.
If you like sandstone bouldering you will love this place!

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