In this crag you find the topos of two sectors often described as separate sectors;
Nago and Massi Delle Traole.

Nago is compiled of different sectors on the impressive face. Massi delle Traole are the blocks on the other side of the path.

The crag of Nago is one of the biggest and most known Arco crags. Because of the amount of routes and their quality, it definitely is a must visit! The climbing is on limestone of high quality, mostly around the vertical angle. Routes of all grades can be found and all are worth a try. The popularity of Nago means that, on the busiest seasons and weekends, it can be quite crowded and some routes might be a bit polished (mainly in the lower sector).

While climbing, make sure to look back every once in a while. The view to the Garda lake is breathtaking.

The boulders of Massi delle Traole are quite distinct from Nago.
The ig block of Mangusta offers steep climbing in the higher 8th grades. The other boulders offer mainly easy routes in the 4th, 5th and lower 6th grade. This makes it an excellent place for those looking to get more sport climbing experience.

Because the blocks are shaded by the trees, not much sun gets to them and climbing in summer is possible.

The combination of the grades on offer, the great paths and easy approach and the shade make this crag one of the best ones to visit with the whole family.


The Crag of Nago has been developed by many climbers and bolters over a wide timespan.
Massi Delle Traole is part of the Outdoor Park Garda Trentino - Ledro Project.

This means that everything is very well cleaned and protected. The paths and cliff bases are in excellent condition.