No special access issues

The crag is 5 minutes walk from a BBQ area. Drive to Santa Fiora (GR) and proceed towards Marroneto and immediately after Bagnolo. Turn left and down into a small road when you see the sign: MECCANICA TORTELLI SERRAMENTI E INFISSI. Keep left immediately after and proceed to stay on the right at the first junction going slightly uphill on VIA G.MATTEOTTI. At the next junction sharp "u" turn uphill on the right, stay on the main road till you get to a large area with a few junctions and a fenced gas hut on your right, take the most left road slightly downhill and proceed to the point: 42.84463653691191, 11.595832327470307. when you see tables and a stone barbeque on the left, park your car . Follow the trail starting after the BBQ into the woods slightly right then sharp left when you see a trail coming from left. After 50 meters there should be a cairn, start climbing the steep woods on your right. You should see the wall immediately.
There is a potable water fountain in the woods if you follow the trail from the BBQ and do not turn left. Very convenient in the hot summer.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email