Mt Maunganui

Climbing has been limited!

Rock climbing is not permitted on Mauao, except for specific sport climbing routes approved by Ngā Poutiriao ō Mauao. Approval for the sport climbing routes will include consideration of the effects on Psilotum nudum, wāhi tapu sites and public safety. No new holes are permitted to be drilled for sport rock climbing, unless approval has been given by Ngā Poutiriao ō Mauao"

There are no 'approved routes' at this stage. Update expected in December 2018 when the board next meets.

Page 42, 5.3.14a)

Cables Wall
4 routes on 0 topos
Flesh Butress
8 routes on 0 topos
Le Altar
0 routes on 0 topos
Mike Memorial Wall
17 routes on 0 topos
Short routes
12 routes on 0 topos
Warratah Wall
0 routes on 0 topos
Watch out for the time limited parkings
Mt Maunganui
General marker for the crag