A perfect sector that surprises in many ways. Top technical and homogenous mid-grade routes in solid, featured rock, such as drip-holes à la Verdon. Drive only 5 minutes from Leonidio. Walk one minute. Can be scouted as a whole day trip of serving as a warm-up or cool-down sector on your way in or out of Daphnon Gorge.


Spanish legend Ernesto Lopez Sastre, who was the main equipper of an area called Montanjeos, spent several months in Leonidio climbing almost 300 routes. In every one of them, giving it nothing but an onsight attempt.
Towards the end of his trip, he had in mind to switch from consuming many routes to creating new routes, again!

He arranged a deal with his landlord to spend the loan of one month to Highly Corrosion Resistant bolts. Panjika Cooperative helped and donated every 3rd route.
After 10 full days and lots of effort, including noticeable details, Montanejos was finished.