No special access issues

The Cheapest option is to take the green minibus Number 25 to Braemer Hill and get off at the very last stop. The minibus stop is near Fashion walk Area at Causeway Bay. If you go to Causeway Bay by MTR go to EXIT E and turn left, walk 20 meters to the traffic light. The minibus stops on the left side.

Alternatively, take the MTR to Tin Hau and use a short taxi ride to reach the end of Braemar Hill Road Near The Japanese School.

Walk to a fence. Follow the steps down the hill, from near the end of the right side of the road, to a stream. Cross it, enter a small clearing and follow the dirt trail that leaves the right side of the clearing up the hill. After few meters an overgrown path leads right in to the vegetation, there are fixed climbing ropes. Follow this path to the bottom of the crag.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email