Masso del Milite, together with Arquino, are the most famous and historical boulder areas in the valley of Valmalenco.
This huge boulder of more than 5 meters can be climbed on all its faces. It collects many problems that are generally really powerful and overhanging, ranging from 5 to 7C and some brutal projects. There are a couple of technical boulders too.
The rock is a great serpentine and even if the problems are old the grip is still good.
Landings are good, but pay attention cause the problems are really high. The exits can be covered by pine needles, so ensure to properly clean them before climbing.

If you are planning a holiday in the Valtellina valley, you will find a great variety of environments: apple trees, vineyards and wheat crops spread along the valley floor, pine forests and green meadows of the alpine pastures with spectacular mountain peaks that emerge from the white glaciers as background. The possibilities of outdoor activities are endless! The valley is also filled by a huge amount of boulder areas!!


Masso del Milite is an historic monument of climbing here in Valmalenco. It was already well known by the local climbers in the 80s, who performed crazy ascents without the crashpads! Honorable mentions: Paolo Mada, Jacopo Merizzi and Ivan Guerini.