Routes on Marientaler Wände

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We like Marientaler Wände

popular crag with a big range of grades
Very good pocket climbing! There is easy and hard climbing, very good!

Activities on this crag

Marientaler Wände

The area is access sensitive!

This Crag is very popular and quite overloaded. Please park your car only at the given parkings and look for another place to stay with your camper over night please. Furthermore if you have to make a dump, take a walk deep into the woods... walking is good for digestion and you don't need to stack.

This crag is located north of "Pottenstein" in the Mariental (Haselbrunnbach Valley). Go to "Pottenstein" which is signed already from the motor way and follow the signs towards "Bayreuth". After you've left "Pottenstein" there's the parking to your right after 200 meters.

Cross the creek via one of the two bridges and follow the hiking trail towards "Pottenstein". At a picnic bench there's a path leading up to the first sector. To get to the upper sector ("O.L. - "Tante Ella") go up the ledge right of "Stromlinie", aware of falling rocks or slipping down, there's another sector underneath.