New Base Line, 8B+
Added by Marko Kauko
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Video beta
Vadim Timonov over 2 years ago.

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David Graham
Red point
normal 8b+
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Daniel Woods
Red point
1 day ascent, so crazy, sent with one moist hold in crack and topped out in the snow. Have video of send, Thanks Emi for spot!
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Paul Robinson
Red point
2 rest days, let the skin heal and everythin feels a lot easier! what a day!!!
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Mignon Olivier
Red point
Yes ! Big achievement for me this year was hard to find the right beta... found it the day before send and fell on last move the try before the send ... super glue made me able to send despite two holes in fingers :)
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James Webb
Red point
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Christof Rauch
Red point
One of the biggest fights ever. After about 11 sessions over 2 years I finally finished one of the best lines in Magic Wood. My shoulder still hurts quite bad but I can't be more happy about this ascent.

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