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Ci Gigondas
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Pas de Travers
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Ni de Guepes
4+ Sport at Yacca

Climbing has been limited!

Area is under maintenance of UBS, the Belgian Speleo Union.

Park as indicated or in the village.
Red trail: after parking in a safe manner along road N806, walk back around the corner towards Bomal. Enter the forest, go through the ditch and traverse along the field. There is a very faint path which might be too overgrown in summer. When there is not too much vegetation, this is the easiest approach.

Blue trail: Park in the village and take the street heading West. Pass a goat farm (and buy goat cheese cause it's delicious - skip this step if you're vegan), after about 15mins walking along the forest road, there is a faint and steep path going left and down towards the cliff.