No special access issues

Chiojdu commune is accessible from both Buzău and Brașov on DN 10. In either case, we must reach the locality of Gura Bâscei (50 km from Buzău, 110 km from Brasov), where, from DN 10, DJ 102B is detached. After about 9 km, at the exit of Bâscenii de Sus, the road DJ 102B goes to the left, and we go ahead on DN 102L. From the intersection there are about 18 km to our goal, the bouldering rocks. At the curve preceding the crossing over the bridge over the Chiojd Basin, on the right side of the road, at the foot of a rocky slope, called Piatra Arşiţa Peak, is arranged a mineral spring with sulfurous water and a rest place with table and banks, where we stop for … accessing the path to the rocks.
Those who come from Ploieşti / Bucharest through Vălenii de Munte, will leave DN 1A in this locality and will go forward on DJ 102B to the village of Nucșoara, and from here on the 102L road to the entrance to Chiojdu village (1km), take a right 1 km and stop immediately after crossing the bridge mentioned. The two county roads described, paved, were to the common standards of their category: circulables.


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