Welcome to the Aegna bouldering guide, your comprehensive companion to the island's remarkable climbing spots. From the expansive Lemmikneeme boulder field in the east to the Eerikukivi up north, Aegna offers a range of options for climbers.

The Lemmikneeme boulder field offers a range of boulders, including Lemmikneeme Tulekivi (Sihi Suurkivi) at 3.6 meters with a 35.1-meter perimeter, Lemmikneeme Teravaservaline rahn at 3.5 meters with a 21.0-meter perimeter, Nurgaauguga kivi at 5.5 meters with a 26.8-meter girth, Mälestuskivi at 3.4 meters with a 23.7-meter perimeter, and kultusekivi at 3.3 meters with a 17.9-meter perimeter.

Eerikukivi, a medium-sized boulder, adds to the diversity in Aegna's north. While these main areas steal the spotlight, a few smaller boulders dot the island for those seeking more.

There's more to discover on Aegna than just bouldering. You can explore old military installations, bunkers, and remnants from different eras to learn about the island's history. For relaxation, Suurepaadi Beach near the Lemmikneeme boulder field is a peaceful spot to unwind and enjoy Aegna's natural beauty.


Despite the closeness to Tallinn and the size of the Lemmikneeme boulder field, Aegna has not been climbed on until recently. The first routes were developed in 2021. The number of routes on the island has steadily increased since with still some potential for new routes.

Routes on Aegna
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