No special access issues

From Orangeville:
Take Hwy 29 west until the road splits. Continue left and the parking for bouldering will be located along pull-offs down the canyon. Most climbing is located pretty close to the road.

Please be considerate of the locals that live here as well as fellow climbers by parking in designated parking pull outs and not in the middle of the road. Thank you!

Camping is located at different spots in each canyon. Right fork has a designated campground with a pit toilet. There is no service here. New Joe's has a pit toilet and service. Lots of camping around here. To be away from others try different dirt roads off of Coal Haul Rd and N Des Bee Crossover.

There are pit toilets located in each canyon. PLEASE use these and don't just poop out in the woods. The toilets are located about less than a mile into the Right and Left canyon. The bathrooms at New Joe's are a bit further up the road on the right.

Leave no trace and pick up after ourself. Have fun out there!


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email