Le trincee

Climbing is completely prohibited!

The crag is still closed due to a fire happened during Summer 2022.

Coming from Arco, head to Nago village. At the roundabout go straight towards Rovereto, go over the traffic lights and after a few tens of meters turn right. Go straight into via della Masera, then turn left. Drive for something more than 50 meters, then go right into the narrow road with indications towards Monte Baldo. Do not take any turns and drive for 900 meters till you get into another road. Go left and stay on this road for 1.4 km till you reach the upper car park of Nago crag. This is the first car park option. The second car park option is on the next hairpin bend turning right.

Approach from car park 1 (uphill path on the outward):
Follow the evident path that leads to Nago’s crag, reach the wall and go left. Follow the wall till you reach the steps of sector Ciclopi, go over the huge pillar and on the right you will find a small trace that leads to a short fixed rope. Climb the rope then follow the path that with some steps gets into another larger trail. Go right and stay on this path for about 70 meters, then leave it and enter the woods on the left. You will get shortly into the canyon.

Approach from car park 2 (uphill path on the way back):
Take the evident uphill path that in a couple of minutes leads to sector Nago Alta. Now the path becomes flat and you have to go left. Now you have to keep walking on this evident path for 10/15 minutes (take the trail in topo as reference). You will have then to turn right into the woods to reach the canyon in a while.