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Kemijärven hänkkikivi

The area is access sensitive!

No access protocols used. As a special rule I would say: try to respect the place as it is for locals, a daytrip stone. Leave the fireplace alone. Leave minimum tracks, and no littering, no tick marks, etc. You can drive quite close if you have good ride hight. There is room for parking on a crossroad, where the p is marked. But (as always)leave room formachines/other cars to go by.
Otherwise parking is to be found from a little further away(DONT PARK NEXT TO HOUSES!), and then walking to the crag, you should avoid the houses near by. You can reach the block by walking the forest road to a clearing(cut off forest) and then walk to right, you quicly can see the block.
You might also approach straight from "Kaisankankaantie", never done that so dont know if its better.
I believe that the block is somekind of daytrip place, as there is firepalce underneath, and i have found stories of it from facebook group. Two easy sides of it where quite clean because people climb to the top when visiting there. Done so atleast for 55years. So if there is other people, behave, and try open the idea of our hobby nicely.