La Visera

Climbing is completely prohibited!

Drive from Margalef towards Lleida for 1.6km (km 6.2) and turn right onto the road to «El Pantà» (reservoir). After 1.7km, turn right again onto a surfaced track that descends towards the river. Drive a further 250m, cross the bridge and park at the right (2km). Take the path that follows the riverside for 400m until a cross path Take the path that goes straight. Walk 30 meters and turn to the left. Ignore the two paths to the right in the first 200m, and always follow the main path that goes straight into the valley. After 15 minutes walking (from the parking), pass beside Totxo de la Catedral and few metres later, on a cross path, turn right onto a path that ascends to the left side of Catedral (18min)
La Visera: From the left side of Catedral, walk 75m to the left, next to the wall.
To climb routes 1-6, cross Era Vella’s cliff base and walk to the left 50m, where you will find a fixed-rope to traverse until the base of the routes (20min)