Coming from Arco, head to Nago and then take the indications to Rovereto. On the way go through Loppio village. At the roundabout turn left, heading to Ronzo Chienis. Follow the road for about 5.2 km until you go over a church on the right side of the road and you find the indication to Nomesino/Manzano. After 1.5 km, at the crossroad, keep the left following Nomesino indication. Go through the tunnel and follow the main road till you reach Nomesino. In the city center turn left following Lenzima signs. Exit Nomesino and follow the road until you go over a small church on the left. Keep following the road for other 450 meters, on the right side of the road there is a large car park (there could be some wood logs).

From the car park, take the uphill bumpy road on the opposite side of the road. Follow this bumpy road until you find an uphill path on the left, which goes up on a steep stony ground. Follow this path that in some minutes leads to the crag.


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