No special access issues

From Arco head to Trento. Follow the main road until you get to the second roundabout of Sarche. Turn right, keep following Trento indications. Drive on the main road for 1.7 km till you reach restaurant “Castel Toblino”. In front of the castle there is a narrow bumpy road. Take it (pay attention while turning) and drive over the house on the right. Stay on this road and few meters after the hairpin bend there is a large space for some cars on the left side of the road. This is the best place to leave the car if you want to climb by Arcadioland and Pezzent area sectors. If you continue driving along the narrow road you will enter the gorge, where there are many car parks on the road sides. The car parks of La Gola are quite close to the many sectors.

Arcadioland and Pezzent area:
In front of the first car park, there is an evident path that initially climbs some rocks, then it goes straight first towards Arcadioland and then to Pezzent area. The path is clearly evident and quite short.

La Gola sectors:
All the sectors of La gola are clearly evident from the road and you can freely choose the closest car park. The only hidden sector is Terzo millennio. To get there, reach Il giardino sector, turn on the opposite side, cross the creek and go straight into the woods for few tens of meters.


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