La Chocolaterie is a small wall that is located halfway between Ajaccio and Capo di Feno.
It offers a tens of sport routes from 5 to 6c on a great granite that guarantees a varied climbing, with jugs and many slopers.
The wall faces east, so it gets more shaded in the afternoon. It is a good idea to spend the morning by the beach of Capo di Feno, then come here in the late hours of the day.
The approach is easy and the equipment is good, with bolts that are close to each other.

The wall is quite close to a motocross track, so it gets quite noisy on weekends. Weekdays are generally more peaceful and allow you to enjoy a nice climbing day.


La Chocolaterie has been equipped by Gérard Moisan with the help of Jean Paul Lemaire. The area has a lot of hidden potential, many new and nice crags are just waiting to be discovered.