Climbing is completely prohibited!

Drive from Margalef towards Lérida for 1.6km (km 6.2) and turn right onto the road to «El Pantà» (reservoir). After 1.7km, turn right again onto a surfaced track that descends towards the river. Drive a further 250m, cross the bridge and park on the right side (2km).
Take the path that follows the riverside for 400m until a cross path. Take the first path to the left, slightly steep, and after 6-7 minutes you’ll reach the right side of sector Culample4.
From Culample4, cross the entire sector until its left side and continue the path, that turns slowly to the right. After 100m going up, the path goes straight for 300m. Then, the path turns to the left and goes under a big rock balloon. After 50m, when the path starts to go up again, just before the biggest tree that we see, turn right onto another path and walk a further 150m. 30 meters before arriving to a big dangerous fall, turn left and see the left part of the sector. Approach is easy, but very exposed in the last part. The cliff base is good, but not suitable for kids.