Routes on Kullaberg

97 sport 495 trad 69 boulder 6 DWS

We like Kullaberg

Probably good for trad, but scattered sport routes. Beautiful scenery though.

Activities on this crag


Climbing has been limited!

To keep Kullaberg open for climbing please respect the following points:

➤ Between the 1st of March and the 15th of July it is forbidden to visit certain sectors of Kullaberg due to nesting bird restrictions. The following sectors are forbidden to enter during the period:
Valdemarsgrottan / Gåsarännan / Ladedörren / Bengt Tuas hopp
Söftingsgrottan / Blå Mal / Ribars Torn / Visitgrottan / Flyverväggarna

➤ Kullaberg is a nature reserve, respect the vegetation and the wildlife.
➤ Pick up your trash and why not others as well? Keep nature clean and leave no traces!
➤ In general try to keep a low profile.
➤ Camping is prohibited other than in marked out spots.
➤ Dogs must be kept on a lead all year round.