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Long John, 7a
ss between Yhnä and Pippeli. Right hand from Pippeli start crimp.
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Saara Salmi
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Tanja näytti kivan reitin. Vanhasta toposta löytyy
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Mikael Uponen
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From the old topo found. Quite a eliminate but okay moves. Didn't use any of Yhnäs holds. Started left from slippery small crimp low down and right from pippelis starting incut hold, going straight up to sloper/crimper. Felt maybe like koivusaari 6C/6C+?
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Jukka Kaavi
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Marko Lahtinen
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Jenni Lahtinen
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On hienoi grimppihelvettei ja vähemmän hienoi grimppihelvettei. Tää kuulu jälkimmäiseen kategoriaan

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