Koiramäki consists of 4 boulders on a relatively small area, Sushikivi being a bit apart from the others. Approach to the boulders is short, from 2-10 minutes. The boulders are of two different types of rock, Keinukivi and Sushikivi red granite and Jätti and Sirppi -boulders are really nice quality grey (unknown to editor) rock.

Theres a lot of 6th grade problems, thus making Koiramäki a great place for those climbing sixes. It also makes a great place for summertime bouldering for those normally climbing sevens as well. Sirppi and Sushikivi are low, but both still offer a few routes well worth climbing. Keinukivi is a mid-sized boulder, varying 2-4 metres in height. Jätti (giant in English) is a big boulder, as its name implies, but the height of the boulder varies from 2-6 metres.

Rengon Keinu and Lagrangen Piste in Keinukivi have been most popular and highly recommended routes in Koiramäki. There are some really good problems on Jättikivi as well - Tohvelisankari, Mäyrä Kurkkaa ss, Sooloilija and Runsaudensarvi just to name few. But don't forget to give a try for Sirppi -boulders low problems with a really nice rock quality. For those who enjoy lower problems Sushikivi is a good choice as well.

2022 the forest around Keinukivi has been partially harvested. So nowadays it dries a bit faster. But some of the routes are still in the shades most of the day, so you can still climb those even in the sunny summer days. Those include Lagrangen Piste and Rengon Keinu.


Koiramäki was found in 2018 by Kimmo N. when he wandered around the woods of Kanta-Häme region to speed up his recovery after a ankle operation. It was clear from the first sight that there will be some nice problems on the boulders. And at least Rengon Keinu has already gained a reputation of being a local classic in its grade.

Soon after finding the boulders Kimmo went back for the FA of Rengon Keinu that he had set his eyes on the first time he saw it. And it became the first problem of the area. Soon followed by more problems climbed with Sami H. and Vesa M. Soon after publishing the crag also V. Salonen (one of the legends of Finnish climbing -scene) made a visit and did quite a few FA's, including the first problems of the Jätti -boulder.

In 2021 Kimmo and Tatu decided to take the full potential off of the Jätti -boulder. As a result all the highest (and the most beautiful) problems on the boulder were opened, and in total there are now 20 problems on the boulder.

Nowadays Koiramäki has kept its popularity, not only among the locals, but also by some visitors from southern Finland and Tampere -area as well.

Hopefully we'll see more visitors in the future as well!