Actually climbing would be possible all year through but check out off-times. The most routes are facing South.

A few routes are fully rain protected, others are not. But the whole crag dries within a few hours.

Both sectors were important milestones in climbing history in Frankenjura, especially the huge "Matterhornwand". So are the routes; classical long climbs with far distanced bolts and sometimes loose rock...and sloping holds. But no reason not to go there climbing. A bunch of new routes were established this century which are well protected and rock quality is very good, particular at "Freundschaftsturm".

The terrain around "Freundschaftsturm" is absolutely unsuitable for small kids. "Matterhornwand" is actually good but there's a high risk on falling rocks.

Accommodation, shopping facilities and Restaurants are located in "Streitberg" and Muggendorf" Next biger Town is Ebermannstadt where you find anything you need for shopping. Nice swimming - pool is in "Streitberg"

💎 Goodies

- Kaminkehrer

- Bic Mäc
- Die Gelbe
- Schlaffmat
- Fat Wreck
- Prinz Valium

- Tsunami
- Raub der Sabinerinnen


Climbing has been limited!

⛔️ 🦅
On this crag climbing is prohibited from 1.February until 15. of July because of breeding birds.

The crag with it's two close by sectors is located in the Wiesent-valley between "Streitberg" and "Muggendorf"
Either drive up the Wiesent-vally approaching from West via Ebermannstadt. A big parking is on your left at the mainroad few hundred meters behind "Streitberg". Or approaching from East, follow signs towards Behringersmühle/Gößweinstein and drive down the Wiesent-valley. The big parking is to your right abour 2 km behind "Muggendorf"

Walk up the forest road and turn left onto the hiking trail after a few meters. That trail leads in 2 minutes to "Matterhornwand". If you stay in front of the wall, turn right and go ahead the walking trail, passing "Freundschaftsturm" to your left after further one minute. Then turn left and walk up the stairs leading through a cave, here are the first routes. The rest is on the other side of the cave.