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7b Sport at Kjerringvik
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8b Sport at Kjerringvik
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7b+ Traditional at Kjerringvik
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Etter regnet
7c Traditional at Kjerringvik
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6b+ Traditional at Kjerringvik
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6a Traditional at Kjerringvik
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5+ Traditional at Kjerringvik
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7a Traditional at Kjerringvik

The area is access sensitive!

During summer the area is popular and to have a good reputation in the area we ask you to not fill the whole bus-stop with cars. If there are cars parked in bus-stop already, please use the parking down at Svinevika and walk from there.

To drive to the crag drive road 303 from Sandefjord towards Larvik until you get to Hem. Turn left onto road 160 towards Kjerringvik. Take a left after 1,5 km, following signs towards Kjerringvik. After another 1,5 km you cross over a little river. Park after this on the right hand side, at the end of the bus-stop. Leave space for the bus.

From the parking at the bus-stop, follow the path into the forest towards the south and you will soon reach the crag.