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179 boulder

We like Icicle Canyon

What a place!! Amazing, featured granite with excellent texture. So much awesome rock to play on...
Icicle Canyon is the epicenter of Leavenworth bouldering. The areas stretch from just a few miles out of town to about the 10 mile mark. The Yosemite-esque granite boulders are scattered along the river. Some areas are more condensed than others, some being home to only a couple boulder while others house dozens. No matter which area you venture to, the rock quality is superb. The granite and basalt boulders offer a wide variety of styles of climbing, explosive power climbing, to technical and balance-based climbing. Whatever your own personal style, The Icicle Canyon boulders has it all.
Icicle Canyon is a beautiful, remote, and unique area to climb! Traveling just 0.2 miles down from each boulder, you will find endless classic boulder problems, as well as completely untouched problems! There area is beautiful in that it is surrounded by jagged peaks in the distance, while the sound of the beautiful river in the gorge below rushes by. The area is full of friendly local climbers who can help you find difficult to navigate areas. The routes range from V0 to V13, with tons and tons of potential! The town of Leavenworth is also one of the most unique and amazing areas I have ever been in! Check out this undeveloped area, respect the local scene, and help allow the area to be maintained as a climbing area.

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