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The area is access sensitive!

Access via "Korvenlahdentie" to "Näsintie" . Parking space takes 1-2cars. Take the path starting from the parking and follow it to the top of the cliff. Boulders are to be found down in the gorge.
The other closer road on the map is private road. you can leave your car also in there where the private road starts but then the hike will be much longer.
Special rules: Respect the place as a nature experience for treckers. Especially lines on Sokeripala, like "80 kg of Man" and "kakkosvaihde" are drop outs in purpose, and not brushed to top-outs, because they are next to "huntinkolo"; a small cave that people want to see and brushing would have made the scenery noticeably different. Lets keep it that way.