Climbing has been limited!

1 minute walk time from parking to nearest boulders, sectors close to the road are kids friendly with light beech wood.

Climbing in Jizerske hory is regulated by order no.200/1999 and consequently OOP no. 4/2021.

Important is that there are two types of area within Jizerske hory where climbing is limited.

1) Area (highlighted in red in attached map) where climbing is fully prohibited (you cannot leave marked paths and trails) except directly named traditional crags. List of crags where climbing is allowed is in annex of OOP no.4/2021.
2) Area (highlighted in pink in attached map) where climbing (according definition stated hereinafter ) is allowed on any rock objects.
3) In other areas only general restrictions of nature protection rules has to be adhered.

Within the regulations mentioned hereinbefore for areas 1) and 2) by climbing is understood only sport climbing with optional use of fixed or temporary belaying points. Chalk is allowed from grade VIIIB of Jizerska classification scale (approximately relates to 6C+/7A Fb. class. – check the attached chart).
Bouldering according following definition is not allowed neither in area 2) (where you can outside of marked paths and trails). Bouldering for purpose of OOP no.4/2021 is defined as a climbing on rocks with lower height with use of bouldering pad / crash pad for safety purposes. Purely sport aspect of climbing is accented in relatively safe conditions, climber aims for most difficult ascent from sport physical point of view.