Hautapää is a small "city crag" close to Rovaniemi. There is 9 lines at a moment and chance to make few more. It's vertical climbing with bit slippery rock. Best time to climb is spring and late autumn because of the moskitos. Crag is in lush "canyon" and you need to jump over a small creek to reach the cliff.

There is a short forest road from the main road (Rovaniemi - Ranua rd. 78) leading a small parking. Right hand corner of the parking there is moto track leading down. Follow track till the steep downhill, after downhill moto track turns right. Find natural mall path which continues straight forward and follow this track to the cliff.


No one seems to remember when Hautapää was climbed first time. It's been checked probably 90's and quite likely some top rope climbs been done there. I discovered this cliff in 2010 and was immediately exited to bolt some lines there. I contacted land owner and got permission to bolt and clean the climbs. First summer I cleaned and bolted 5 lines and few friends did few lines as well. These days this is a mainly once in a summer cliff for local climbers.

Routes on Hautapää
7 sport 2 trad
Premium topo by Hautapää
Ville Strandman
from Finland
Antti Antikainen
from Rovaniemi