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Climbing has been limited!

The climbing is PROHIBITED (meaning NO CLIMBING) in weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun).

In addition to this, the climbing is PROHIBITED during summer (June-July-August).

Climbing on the right end of the cliff (Totoro) is PROHIBITED at all times.

The parking is very sensitive:

The T-junction leading to the cabin must be left free, because ambulance has to be able to reach the cabin. Therefore 75m radius of junction must be left free.

You are not allowed to bring dogs. You are not allowed to swim in the lake.

So what is allowed?
Climbing between September and May Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu.
Parking is allowed on the meadow 75m from the T-junction to the direction of the road.
There is space for max 3 vehicles on the parking, so please come with as few cars as possible.

Respect these rules, NO EXCEPTIONS!

General marker for the crag