Plakette 1 / 1
  • UIAA 2. The logical way along a big ridge above the "Plakette" up to the "summit" is a big adventure for all the small and big mountaineerers around.
  • FA: Carlo Hahn, 2013. Combines "Free Thälmann" (7B) and "Atem des kleinen Trompeters" (7A) back without the ledges to the left and to the right and without the obvious upper edge in the middle.
  • Start below the Plakette on a sidehold, then straight up to the jug above. Of course without the Plakette.
  • Traverse with everything from right to left.
  • From the obvious edge without the "Plakette" to the left. Ends at the edge above the ramp, which is allowed for the feet.

There are 3 routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image. See full list of routes from Plakette .