No special access issues

The crag is located in the north-centre of Corsica. You have to head to Francardo / Francardu following the T20 road. Coming from north, get to Francardu and at the second crossroad turn right into the D84 road, which starts here. If you arrive from south, the crossroad will be the first one and you have to turn left. After few meters go right towards the center of Francardu, drive for 50 meters and leave your car in the park on the right side of the road.

The sectors are clearly visible from the car park. Return towards the intersection of roads T20 - D85 and cross the the T20.
To reach La Barette and La Grotte go right and after few meters you will find a small gate on the left. Enter and continue going right until you go over the cemetery. After the cemetery take the path on the left. Go again left at the first junction while at the second one go right towards the crag. This path leads to La Barette sector. To reach La Grotte, leave La Barette on your right and walk for 50 meters along the wall.
The approach to the other sectors is less intuitive and you have to find your own way across brambles, stones and woods. When you cross the T20 go left and walk till you have the chosen sector in front of you, then go for it! The topo has some suggested trails, so you could use them as reference.


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