No special access issues

How to get there
From The Toad on the Road pub on the Main Road in Lakeside, turn onto Boyes Drive. Follow Boyes Drive past the lower outcrop of Lakeside Pinnacle and park in a gravelly lay-by on the right, about 100 metres before the turn-off to the left, which goes down to Muizenberg.

From the gravelly lay-by pick up the obvious path meandering up the slope at first then, after a while, swinging left to climb gradually higher until close to the base of the wall (trad area). Continue along to reach the tea cave. From the cave, scramble around the ridge to the left. Once on the other side of the ridge, you will be able to see the crags. Continue scrambling along and slightly down to gain the base of the crag.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email