No special access issues

The crag is in Espoo at the corner of Kuitinmäentie and Finnoontie, about 15km from Helsinki, and 2,5km from Espoo Matinkylä Metro station.

Approach to the crag is easy, just walk 200m along Kuitinmäentie to the west and you will arrive to the crag. You may also approach the crag from south-west direction through the roundabout (e.g. if you park at the another parking plase near by Sotka/Asko/RTV.

If arriving by a car you may use Merituuli shopping center’s parking place (Isonniitynkuja 2, 02270 Espoo) for parking. Access to the Merituuli shopping center is from Kuitinmäentie.
You may also park car next to Sotka/Asko/RTV (access from Martinsillantie), and then walk to northeast 300m through the roundabout, and you will arrive to the crag.

The crag is easily accessible by all bus, you can reach the crag by any bus routes that drive along Länsiväylä (165, 159, 172, 146, 159), Finnoontie/Espoonväylä (134, 136, 158, 158K) or Kuitinmäentie/Martinsillantie (124, 124K, 157, 158, 158K, 543). For more information see


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email