The area is access sensitive!

Park at the large open space between the splitting roads.
Be respectful of the residents and don't make to much sound when close to houses. Especilly at Första/Andra Södra.
Birds may be nesting along the shoreline or inside some cracks, check carefully before climbing, and when walking to all places to the north of the bay area make sure to walk along the treeline until you reach the designated boulder areas (or birds may be distressed).

Första Södra
14 routes on 11 topos
Andra Södra
5 routes on 4 topos
Svarta Havet
3 routes on 3 topos
5 routes on 11 topos
Boda stenarna
15 routes on 12 topos
Lilla hörnet
2 routes on 1 topo
Grytet och väggen
9 routes on 8 topos
Små skrövlet
3 routes on 5 topos
10 routes on 3 topos
19 routes on 13 topos
2 routes on 1 topo
Labans lya
7 routes on 6 topos
Parking space
General marker for the crag