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El Doll - Clot de Miquí

Climbing has been limited!

🚫⛔️a bird-ban is currently in place here, running from February 1st until May 30th.⛔️🚫

From P1 (Font de Les Bagasses) in the gorge of Terradets, it takes around 10 minutes to drive to Km-57 on the C-13, from where our approach description begins. One can also approach from the south (Balaguer/Camarasa) on the C-13. Approximately 120m southwest of Km-57 on the C-13, a grit-surfaced track leads off the road on its southern side. Turn onto this then immediately turn left onto an unsurfaced forestry track (the grit-surfaced track leads to recently constructed farm buildings).
Drive along the forestry track for approximately 650m, passing below the first line of high-tension electricity cables, to a parking place in a cleared band of forest below the second line of pylons (P5).

A bird-ban signpost is in place here. On foot, follow the cleared band downhill (northwards) for 80m, before turning left onto an old forestry track (cairn and second bird-ban signpost at the start). Follow this downhill to where it fades out and continue along a well-marked path (cairns) leading down and rightwards into a gully. The crag is reached soon after (15 minutes from P5).